Dzienniki podkorowe 15: Czuj się jak u siebie w akwarium

Grey matter’s green journals: Make yourself at home — September 26, 2012

The line between a civilized world and ‘barbaric’ is thin. Where I live–that line is the forest’s edge.

The irony is that we have “Culture Park” in the Kabaty woods (the forest is also an official nature preservation area). You can grill and drink beer there. Sometimes it smells like hell. People love it. Or they just don’t mind the stench. I see them bustling about like programmed, cuting off the shrubs in 500 meter radius to make more fire, to make more fat meat, to drink more beer. They don’t realise what cutting off shrubs does to the soil and the trees. They are obviously not affected by any of that at home, where they fall asleep to BBC’s wonders of nature once a year after too much vodka at a Christmas table.

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