Kostka cukru do łóżka

Sugar cube in bed

May 18 2016, about 2:30PM

We’re testing ExpoDisc 2.0
As usual: 5D, EF 50 1.2L, from hand & window light.

(Should I add: a 12 sq meters room in an apartment building — a block of flats — with virtually no support for a photographer like me? I mean lazy to the point of shooting in these conditions with her tripod and a monopod stored on a bookcase! With an inflated exercise ball on top of them! But do you see yourself having a tripod standing always in your way, in the room with 3 bookcases, two beds, a chest of drawers, a desk and a chair, and 4 stools with books and other things on them? Oh, excuses. No, really, do you imagine yourself using a tripod or even a monopod in this room to take spontaneous pictures of your cats? Well, but you don’t know our cats: get that 1/3-pod and the moment is lost! yup, pretty much all is lost by then, you know? ;-)